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North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center
The Medical team believes there is a spiritual component to recovery from burn injury. Reliance upon spiritual strength and guidance can be very important for patients, families, and staff alike.

  • A chaplain is available to talk with you about your feelings and spiritual needs while you are a patient in the Burn Center. The chaplain is also here to support your family and to speak to your family on your behalf when you are not able to visit with them. Your nurse can contact the chaplain for you.
  • Communion, scripture reading, family worship times can be done at your bedside, as well as, other important rituals provided during your hospital stay. The chaplain can contact your particular faith group and request care. Bibles are given upon request; Spanish translations are available.
  • Christian worship services are provided each Sunday at 10:30 A.M. in the John M. Reeves chapel on the first floor and televised live to your room on Channel 89. Any patient or family member may attend. There is also a small chapel near the Burn Center family room that can be used for quiet time, prayer, meditation, and consultation with the chaplain.
  • The chaplain can also help you and your family during difficult times. During your loved ones hospitalization you may be asked to make some important healthcare decisions and the chaplain can be a resource of support. Each person grieves according to their own way of looking at life and concerns. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Grief materials are available.

When you leave the hospital, your local pastor, minister, priest, or rabbi may be a safe person to continue talking with about your feelings. These professionals can also help you find more help if you need a referral to another counselor.

The Department of Pastoral Care office number is 984-974-4021. Please feel free to call and leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.