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Searching Guide

Click on a topic and a search will automatically be run in the MEDLINE database.

Citations and Full-Text

Click on the citations to view the abstracts. If a UNC logo appears on the screen while viewing an abstract, click on the logo to retrieve a full-text copy of the article. If no UNC logo appears, search the library’s catalog, using the title of the journal, to find out if the library has a print copy of the issue you want.

Modifying Your Search

Use the limit feature of PubMed to apply any limits that you want to use to modify your search.

For example, to limit the “lap versus open procedure” search (under Inguinal Hernias) to RCTs:

  • click on the term to run the search
  • in PubMed, click on the word Limits (located below and to the left of the search box)
  • under Publication Type, select Randomized Controlled Trial
  • click on GO

You will end up with a much smaller set of citations, but all of the studies reported will be RCTs.

PubMed will continue to apply this limit to your next search, so remember to reset the limits (click the check mark in front of the word Limits) before you enter any new terms.

Library Resources

See the Surgery Information Resources guide here. For more details about how to save citations, store search strategies, download citations into EndNote and other techniques for managing clinical information, contact the Health Sciences Library or , your department’s Clinical Information Specialist.