Medical research conducted in controlled environments has repeatedly proven that weight loss and exercise can offer significant benefits such as pain reduction for many people with osteoarthritis (OA), including knee OA. But researchers want to know more about how well these kinds of programs work (and can be optimized) in “real world,” community settings.
Arthritis researcher Leigh Callahan, PhD, with the UNC Thurston Arthritis Research Center is leading a clinical trial in Johnston, Forsythe and Haywood Counties in NC. To learn more, click this (Link).


She recently participated in an interview on WTSB Radio, in which she discussed the WE-CAN (Weigh loss and Exercise for Communities with Arthritis in North Carolina) clinical trial, which is currently enrolling participants.

If you are interested in learning more about potentially enrolling in this study, call 919.989.8003 or visit this website. You can also learn more about the study by listening to Dr. Callahan’s radio interview (Below).

Johnston Health Talk

Recorded May 2017 | Length: 17:00