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STARx Questionnaire is a self-administered tool created with strict survey development techniques by the STARx Program to measure transition readiness.

Versions of the STARx Questionnaire 

The STARx Questionnaire is a measure of overall transition readiness. The questionnaire contains three subdomains that focus on three different areas of transition related knowledge – communication with medical provider, disease knowledge, and self-management. There are three versions, depending on the setting. 1STARx Questionnaire Patients in Pediatric settings, 2 STARx Questionnaire Patients in Adult-focused settings and 3 STARx Questionnaire Parent version

Administering the STARx Questionnaire

The STARx Questionnaire Patients in Pediatric settings is a 3-domain, 18-item self-administered questionnaire. Patients can complete the STARx Questionnaire in 3 minutes on paper or on the computer. The STARx Questionnaire can be administered through our web-based data entry system (requiring a guest ONYEN) or with a hard copy of the instrument.

Scoring the STARx Questionnaire

Each item is scored individually and worth a maximum of 5 points. Each item is answered by the patient on a 1 – 5 Likert scale and receive a corresponding score of 1 – 5 points for each item. Subdomain scores are combined to create a total score, ranging from 0 – 90. Individuals administering the STARx Questionnaire should familiarize themselves with the STARx Scoring Guide.

Using the STARx Questionnaire to Inform Care

The STARx Questionnaire is a brief instrument that can be used during appointments to check in with adolescents and young adults. Using our web-based data entry system, reports can be printed immediately after the patient completes the survey. This allows for physicians to address problem areas and help improve patients’ transition readiness in real time.