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Every year UNC holds an awards ceremony to recognize Information Technology employees who have done outstanding work in their departments. We are pleased to announce that this year, three of our very own from School of Medicine IT Web Development were nominated for awards. David Kinton and Jay-Ar Foronda were nominated for their work on the SOM IT Web Design and Implementation Team, and David Kinton and Bradley Olson were also nominated for their outstanding contributions. Congratulations to these employees for their outstanding work!

Jay-Ar Foronda

“David, Jay-Ar, and the rest of the web team were instrumental in updating the School of Medicine, a huge undertaking given the size of the school’s website, its many pages and priorities. They supported departments int he conversion of department to WordPress; helped us create new resources for our faculty and staff such as our School of Medicine Intranet, and are now completing the redesign of our homepage, landing pages and improved navigation to better meet the needs of our web users and improve the mobile accessibility of our pages. This wasn’t just another project for them – they took great pride and ownership of this project and sustained this enthusiasm through a long design and implementation phase. Their willingness to go above and beyond (working nights when needed), their commitment to serving their customers ( sometimes with competing needs), and their consistent can-do attitude should be acknowledged and rewarded!”

– Martha Modlin, Med Ad-Deans Office

Brad Olson

“I would like to nominate Brad Olson, who is a web designer/application technician for SOM IT/OIS. He has been extraordinarily helpful in creating a new website design for the Department of Social Medicine in SOM. He is clearly expert in what he does, but also amazingly responsive and very patient in responding to all of our questions and requests. In other words, Brad is not only highly technically skilled but also provides exceptional customer service. Put simply, he is wonderful to work with and we are so appreciative of all of his efforts.”

– Jonathan Oberlander, Health Policy and Management, Social Medicine

David Kinton

“David is my favorite IT person!! This is especially because David can hear the question I am *really* asking, even when I don’t articulate it very well. (I will ask for help doing a particular thing, and David may suggest a completely different – BETTER – way to accomplish the result I actually want.) He consistently provides the highest level of service, whether helping to define a problem, seeking a solution, implementing the solution, or even connecting me to other teams or resources. He follows through on every task completely.”

– Laine K. Stewart, Allied Health – CLS