UNC Geriatric Fellowship Program

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We pride ourselves in being able to tailor our Geriatric Fellowship Program to the personal career goals of each fellow. Our goal is to nurture the professional growth of each of our fellows and share our love of Geriatrics. 

Our fellows have gone on to academic positions in many institutions, have combined their geriatrics fellowship with other subspecialties gaining a special niche within that subspecialty and have become clinical leaders in hospital, skilled nursing facility and clinic settings. 

Members of the faculty in the Division of Geriatrics have expertise in medical education and program development, are experienced researchers with involvement in Quality Improvement activities as well as being clinical role models in multiple settings. We are highly integrated with the Hospice and Palliative Care fellowship as well as the Palliative Care and Hospice settings. We have affiliations with UNC’s myriad of other professional schools including Public Health, Nursing, PA, Pharmacy, Physical and Occupational therapy and Social Work. 

This year, we are excited for our fellows to start year three of our continuing quality improvement project and curriculum, which has resulted in posters in the Presidential Poster Session at the American Geriatrics Society National Meeting in 2017 and 2018, and has also led to a publication in JAGS. We will also have fellows this year begin a community care longitudinal experience, which will combine home visits with long-term care visits one half-day per week. 

We would be excited for you to join our program. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more about our program.  

Dr. Margaret Drickamer
Margaret Drickamer, MD
Program Director, Geriatric Fellowship

Hear from a few of our program graduates...

"UNC Geriatrics provided a supportive learning environment, offering me wonderful opportunities to work with great mentors who helped me achieve my personal career goals."

-  Dr. Christine Khandelwal, Director of Inpatient Palliative Medicine, Transitions LifeCare 
 "The UNC Geriatrics Fellowship provided me an opportunity to learn about the many unique issues that older adults face as part of the aging process and the intricacies in caring for older adults. This knowledge has helped me both in the clinical management of my older patients, but also in the design and analyses of research." 

- Dr. Grant Williams, Assistant Professor of Geriatric Oncology, University of Alabama Birmingham 
"The UNC faculty helped me to become the geriatrician that I am today. They developed a personalized education plan with me that allowed me to launch my research career and to get a jump-start on achieving my career goals. And though I have since left Chapel Hill, my mentors there have continued to remain accessible to me, sharing their advice and perspective with me as my career has evolved." 

- Dr. Michael LaMantia, Director, University of Vermont Center on Aging 
"UNC Geriatrics allows fellows to forge their own path within the scope of this field. This is essential since it allows for experts in many facets of geriatrics. This broadens our reach in the field allowing us to serve as geriatricians to other specialists and as specialists to each other."

- Dr. Racquel Daley-Placide, Geriatrician, Carolina Meadows Continuing Care Retirement Community 

 Check out a few highlights from UNC's participation in AGS 2018...

 Dr. Adam Moskowitz poses with a proud Dr. Drickamer at his poster  Drs Dale and Blomberg presenting their poster on the new continuous quality improvement curriculum at the Presidential Poster Session  Dr. Bianca Yoo presenting a case of serotonin syndrome  Dr. Sheri Mouw presenting a case of late-diagnosis ADHD 

From left: Dr. Adam Moskowitz poses with a proud Dr. Drickamer at his poster; Drs Dale and Blomberg presenting their poster on the new continuous quality improvement curriculum at the Presidential Poster Session; Dr. Bianca Yoo presenting a case of serotonin syndrome; Dr. Sheri Mouw presenting a case of late-diagnosis ADHD