Histology Research Core Facility

The Histology Facility in the Department of Cell Biology & Physiology is designed to provide expertise and consultation on histological and immunohistochemical methods.



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With the advancement and popular emphasis in molecular techniques in today’s laboratory, anatomy-based research—often critical in defining research projects—is becoming a lost art. Many research laboratories no longer have the floor space nor can afford the specialized histology equipment and the personnel required to perform these complex procedures. Today, researchers frequently include expensive mouse models to support and complement their research projects. Consistent and reliable histology is critical in providing structural and quantitative data for these mouse/animal models. The Departmental Histology Facility offers a variety of services insuring that histological techniques are always available for investigators and their research project needs.

The Histology Facility of the Department of Cell and Molecular Physiology at UNC-Chapel Hill is housed in a 600-square foot research laboratory in the Glaxo Building, room 4. The facility is equipped with two Leica 1950 cryostats, a Cryojane Tape Transfer frozen sectioning system, two Leica 2235 rotary microtomes, microscopes and a Vibratome.

The Facility has the equipment and expertise to produce reliable high-quality sections from fixed and unfixed tissues, frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues. Furthermore we provide a unique serial interrupted sectioning technique. This technique allows analysis of the full length of 4mm vessels or tissues, collected on multiple slides with each slide containing serial sections representing a specific distance through the full length of that tissue. In addition, special stains and immunohistochemical assays are routinely performed in the facility.

UNC Core policies recommend that all work provided by the Histology Research Core Facility be acknowledged when included in publications.  Acknowledgements can be referenced as:  Histological services provided by the Histology Research Core Facility in the Department of Cell Biology and Physiology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC.  Additionally, employees of the Core who substantially contribute to a research publication should be recognized as any other co-author.  UNC SOM offers these helpful publication guidelines: http://www.abrf.org/index.cfm/page/resources/Authorship.htm.  For our continued educational benefit, please send notification of assisted publications to

For further information please contact:

Ashley Ezzell 

Kara Clissold
Research Specialist


Dr. Kathleen Caron
Faculty Advisor

Histology Services Available:

The Facility offers high quality, reliable, cost effective histological services including but not limited to:

NOTICE:  Hazardous or pathogenic tissue samples must be indicated.

Tissue Sectioning:

  • Tissue should be submitted in labeled container in proper fixative or appropriate solution/embedding matrix
  • Paraffin section – serial, random, serial interrupted
  • Frozen section – thaw mount cold/warm, serial, free floating,
    thick slice, random and serial interrupted
  • Vibratome section – for light level or E.M.


  • Routine staining, i.e., H+E
  • Special staining, Alcian blue, Cresyl violet, PAS, Oil red “O”, Toluidine blue, Von kossa, Combined Masons elastin, Picosirius red, Sudan IV, Thionin, Prussian blue, Movats pentachrome, Masson trichrome, Alcian blue/Phloxine/Tartrazine, others available upon request.


  • ABC method (direct/indirect)
  • Fluorescence
  • Biocytin detection
  • HRP

Download a tissue data sheet here

Ashley Ezzell

Research Specialist