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January 2019

  • The Histology Research Core is moving! Starting February 1st we will be located in the second floor of Taylor Hall.  Look for us in Room 212 and 214! We appreciate your patience while we settle in to our new space and we will be back working on histology the week of February 5th

May 2018

  • **IMPORTANT** The Glaxo Research Building is experiencing an HVAC system renovation the week of May 14th-18th. We will be CLOSED May 17th and 18th and have limited hours earlier in the week. We highly suggest calling or e-mailing to ensure the lab is open before arriving to drop off or pick up material. We apologize for the inconvenience!
  • Are you searching for an antibody? Check out BenchSci! BenchSci is an AI-driven antibody database search engine which is FREE to academic users and streamlines the process of comparing antibodies for cross reactivity, application technique, and published validation. We’re excited to be able to use this here in our core facility and recommend it to our users.

April 2018

  • Bear with us as we update our website! Are you a core user? Do you have a recent publication for which you used our services? Contact Kara Clissold to have your paper featured here!
  • We are now on the Science Exchange platform! Find us at our storefront!
  • COMING SOON– The HRCF was awarded a grant to acquire the training and equipment to perform in situ hybridization using RNAScope and BaseScope technology!! Interested in discussing this service? Contact Ashley Ezzell

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With the advancement and popular emphasis in molecular techniques in today’s laboratory, anatomy-based research—often critical in defining research projects—is becoming a lost art. Many research laboratories no longer have the floor space nor can afford the specialized histology equipment and the personnel required to perform these complex procedures. Today, researchers frequently include expensive mouse models to support and complement their research projects. Consistent and reliable histology is critical in providing structural and quantitative data for these mouse/animal models. The Departmental Histology Facility offers a variety of services insuring that histological techniques are always available for investigators and their research project needs.

The Facility has the equipment and expertise to produce reliable high-quality sections from fixed and unfixed tissues, frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues. Furthermore we provide a unique serial interrupted sectioning technique. This technique allows analysis of the full length of 4mm vessels or tissues, collected on multiple slides with each slide containing serial sections representing a specific distance through the full length of that tissue. In addition, special stains and immunohistochemical assays are routinely performed in the facility.

UNC Core policies recommend that all work provided by the Histology Research Core Facility be acknowledged when included in publications. Acknowledgements can be referenced as: Histological services provided by the Histology Research Core Facility in the Department of Cell Biology and Physiology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC. Additionally, employees of the Core who substantially contribute to a research publication should be recognized as any other co-author. UNC SOM offers these helpful publication guidelines: For our continued educational benefit, please send notification of assisted publications to

Have questions about whether our core is right for your research needs? Please call or e-mail us to discuss your research project at any stage in the research process!

For further information please contact:

Ashley Ezzell
919-966-1202Kara Clissold
Research Specialist

Dr. Kathleen Caron
Faculty Advisor


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Ashley Ezzell

Research Specialist