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There are a lot of histology core facilities at UNC. How are you different?

When should I contact you to discuss my histology needs?

What is your pricing structure and how is billing done?

How long will the histology process take?

I need my samples back ASAP. Do you take rush orders?

How do I acknowledge the core for a paper or poster?

I am an outside user. What is the best way to handle shipping?


Sample Submission

How do I fill out a submission form?

How do I decide between paraffin and frozen sectioning?

How should my samples be prepared for submission?

What is serial interrupted sectioning?

How will I know when my samples are ready for pick up?


Immunohistochemistry and Staining

Do you have slides I can use for positive or negative controls?

I know what protein I want to target but I don’t know the best antibody. How do I choose?

What antibodies or reagants do I need to supply?

How do I choose what antibody concentration to use?


In situ Hybridization

Why would I want to use in situ hybridization over regular IHC?

When will this service be available?