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Services we Offer

NOTICE: Hazardous or pathogenic tissue samples must be discussed prior to submission and indicated on the data sheet at time of submission.

The Facility offers high quality, reliable, cost effective histological services including but not limited to:

Tissue Sectioning:

  • Paraffin embedding and frozen embedding in OCT
  • Paraffin section – serial, random, serial interrupted
  • Frozen section – thaw mount cold/warm, serial, free floating,
    thick slice, random and serial interrupted, CryoJane tape transfer
  • Vibratome section


  • Routine staining, i.e., H+E, Nuclear Fast Red
  • Special staining, Alcian Blue, Cresyl Violet, PAS, Oil Red “O”, Toluidine Blue, Von Kossa, Combined Massons Elastin, Picrosirius Red, Sudan IV, Thionin, Prussian Blue, Movats Pentachrome, Masson Trichrome, Alcian Blue/Phloxine/Tartrazine, others available upon request.


  • ABC method (direct/indirect)
  • Fluorescence
  • Biocytin detection
  • HRP
  • Single and multiple-labeling
  • Edu/Brdu

in situ Hybridization **coming Summer/Fall 2018**

  • RNAScope
  • BaseScope