Clinical Research

Includes retrospective studies looking for patterns in patient treatments and outcomes, operations and patient safety research, dose measurements using theoretical "phantoms" (like crash test dummies, but for radiation dose), treatment-related software development, clinical trials and more.

Wang paper: Extended Hydrogel Microparticle Circulation Time published in PNAS
Gastrointestinal Cancer SPORE
Goal: use of combined modality therapy in the treatment of diseases of the GI tract, and assessing possible biological indicators of treatment response.
Breast Cancer SPORE
Goal: use a team approach to review cases before treatment begins, rather than after treatment decisions have been made.
Kyle Wang receives UNC Lineberger Developmental Award
Will research ways of reducing dry mouth in patients receiving whole brain radiotherapy
Zagar wins a 2013 Junior Faculty Development Award
Chang featured in UNC Endeavors magazine
Falchook receives Pope Clinical Fellows Award
Radiation Oncology presentations at George F. Shelton Resident Research Symposium
Residents Joe Caster, MD and Kyle Wang, MD participated
Caster awarded Pope Clinical Fellowship
Zagar receives ASTRO research award
For studies of the "comparative effectiveness" of different treatments