Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program

pipettingAs the practice of medicine continues to evolve, so must the fellowship programs that prepare tomorrow’s healthcare leaders. 

With a faculty of dedicated teachers, clinicians, and researchers – including national leaders in the AAAAI and world-renowned specialists in asthma, food allergy, and latex allergy – the UNC Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program offers participants a unique opportunity to train with today’s foremost experts.  Through a combination of high-impact, evidence-based instruction from top-tier clinical experts and a focus on cutting-edge training in research, the UNC fellowship program ensures graduates are well positioned for success – whether they choose to pursue careers in in academia, industry, or clinical practice.

Emphasis On Research Better Prepares Graduates To Become Tomorrow's Healthcare Leaders 

One reason the UNC Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program is considered one of the best in the United States is its strong emphasis on research training.  Experience has shown that acquiring a solid grounding in research provides graduates with a mindset that enables them to approach medicine in a systematic, yet creative and out-of-the box manner that yields optimal outcomes.  Simply put, the skills developed in research training can significantly contribute to a graduate’s future success regardless of what career path he or she pursues.