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Artist Marie Garlock performs Flipping Cancer

December 2nd Social Work and Occupational Therapy join The Intensive Integration Curriculum of the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine Art Event- 8:30am-11:45am, Old Clinic 4th Floor Auditorium

Flipping Cancer with guest artist Marie Garlock


Description (96 words):

Taboo, irony, betrayal, curiosity: what do our bodies, in illness, perform back? Traversing cellular, clinical, and cultural terrain, Flipping Cancer. engages the surreal adventures of life-threatening illness in an era of questionable pink-washing, seemingly linear biomedical health narratives, and the “survivors” they describe. A live dance, story, and visual installation developed with patients, caregivers, nurses, and physicians who face advanced cancers, this interactive performance is created for interdisciplinary audiences. Garlock warmly invites diverse collaborators to generate new health communication vocabularies, and to explore cross-cultural choreographies for health justice.