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T3 Train-the-Trainer (T3) Faculty Development Program will develop interprofessional teams’ ability to promote and facilitate collaborative leadership, IPE, and interprofessional collaborative practice (ICP). The Center for ASPIRE researches and supports the development, implementation and evaluation of educational and clinical programs that train students, faculty and clinicians to deliver safe, high-quality team-based patient care.

UNC-CH IPE Geriatrics Preprofessional Team participating in T3 Train The Trainer at the University of Virginia.


To prepare health professions faculty and collaborative practice clinicians from all professions to lead IPE efforts and promote interprofessional team-based care. The program will help build a cadre of faculty who can lead IPE across the learning continuum from classroom-based activities to collaborative practice in clinical and community sites.


Interprofessional teams of emerging leaders that have experience with implementing IPE and collaborative practice and want to enhance their knowledge and skills to create change within their organization or practice. Teams from each site must be interprofessional and can include educators, clinician educators, administrators, and researchers engaged in IPE across the learning continuum.


This 3.5-day curriculum was co-developed by experts from three universities with established IPE training programs and a national advisory committee. Training sites will provide content, skills, and strategies for implementation of IPE and IPCP and facilitating and coaching teams of IP learners.

Examples of this include:

  • Designing IPE cases and curriculum, assessing learning outcomes across the continuum of learning, and evaluating IPE programs and activities.
  • Leading change, providing and receiving feedback, improving team communication and team relationships utilizing established interventions and addressing implicit bias and the culture of teams
  • Content will also be provided on how to continue to coach other members of the team when participants are back at their home institution

Workshop format will be heavily focused on experiential learning for the 3.5 days of in-person training. Pre-work will be required, and teams will be implementing a project after the in-person training with follow-up coaching (quarterly webinars) provided by the T3 faculty teams. Certificates of completion for faculty development training will be awarded at the end of coaching webinars and project completion. Continuing education (CE) credits will also be provided.

Completion of this program is prerequisite for becoming a future national T3 training site.

Team Composition:

A minimum of three individuals from at least two different professions are required to participate. Teams are encouraged to have a mix of professionals from academia and practice, who are willing to work together on an IPE/practice transformation project.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Curricular Design: Develop and customize IPE activities across the learning continuum (from academia to practice).
  2. Evaluation: Utilize methods and approaches to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of IPE across the learning continuum.
  3. IP Leadership: Develop emerging IPE and collaborative practice leaders to champion cultural changes within educational and health systems.
  4. Team Dynamics and Culture: Create IPE and collaborative practice activities grounded in the concepts of team dynamics and culture change
  5. Innovative IPE: Utilize and model innovative teaching approaches to facilitate IPE and collaborative practice
  6. Implementation and Sustainability: Implement plans for leading and sustaining meaningful IPE and collaborative practice at their own institutions.
  7. Communication, Team Function and Patient Safety: Utilize communication tools and techniques that facilitate discussions and interactions that enhance team function and improve patient safety.
  8. IP Peer Network of IPE/ICP Champions: Establish an interprofessional peer network to help expand the capacity of faculty who can successfully lead and facilitate IPE and interprofessional collaborative practice in the U.S.

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