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NOTE: Mentor availability varies from year to year. Currently, we are surveying mentors for their summer 2022 availability. As a result, we request that you do not directly contact UNC MSTAR mentors before speaking with the MSTAR coordinator.

MSTAR Sample Grant Projects (Excel Spreadsheet)

Use the data on the MSTAR Mentors, Research and More spreadsheet to explore the different types of research being conducted at the UNC MSTAR Site. You can also see our mentors on the MSTAR Mentors page.

Initially, please select 3 mentors with whom you would like to collaborate. Next contact the UNC MSTAR Program to set up a time to discuss which mentors and projects interest you. If you do not have a specific mentor or area of research in mind, then our MSTAR Program advisors and program coordinator will assist you.

After the matching process, reach out to your mentor to discuss project opportunities. This ensures you have an interest in the specific research area or possible research projects.

Understanding the Role of MSTAR Mentors

After receiving a confirmed appointment and being matched with your MSTAR Mentor, you will proactively prepare an outline for a research plan with your your mentor. You will begin this in March. Together you and your mentor will define and refine your project, and develop a work plan. In addition, your mentor may provide a reading list to familiarize yourself with the project. This way, you can confidently begin your research upon arrival.

During your time at the UNC Site, your mentor(s) will meet with you at least once weekly, even if working with other researchers. Also, they will provide guidance on your research manuscript and write an evaluation reviewing your project and performance. Finally, mentors are always available by email. Without a doubt, your mentors want you to keep in touch with them throughout your academic program and into your career.