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I really enjoyed being part of the MSTAR program and am very glad that I chose to participate at UNC. I found my research exciting and the clinical rotations immensely useful. My mentor was wonderful and the staff/faculty coordinating MSTAR clearly care about MSTAR students.


Program Duration

Student Scholar Stipend

  • Expectations & Checklist

Expectations & Requirements

Application & Pre Program Checklist

Contacting Your Mentor

Familiarization with the Project

Create a Research Plan & Calendar


NC TraCS Free Online Research Training

Program Orientation, ID Cards,

Medical Campus Tour

Gym Membership (approx $45 pr/mo)

Keys & Workspace

Benefits & Options

Site Data/Maps

  • Research Report

Research Report Sample

  • Applying For the MSTAR Program

MSTAR Application 2022

Deadline: January 31, 2022

After this date you will not be able to submit your application, whether or not it is complete.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.



Program Duration

Student Scholar Stipend