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The Chairman is allocated first.

All remaining permits are assigned first to tenured and tenure-track
faculty and then to other permanent staff based on duration of total
state service. There is no distinction made between EPA research faculty
and SPA staff. The Director will exercise his or her authority to make
adjustments to this policy as needed to ensure all tenured and tenure-track
faculty have a permit. Thus, staff members and research faculty (EPA fixed-term)
that are at or near the bottom of the department’s total state service list may
be displaced by a tenure-track or tenured faculty member.

Post docs will continue to receive their permits through the Department
of Public Safety and not via their home departments. Permits are drawn from
a lottery and then assigned strictly by total state service. If no assignment is made,
you can elect to be placed on a waiting list. Post docs are only eligible for the CD
and S11 zones.

Graduate students will continue to be eligible to participate in the campus-wide
lottery. These permits are assigned directly from the Department of Public Safety.
Again, if no assignment is made, you can elect to be placed on a waiting list.

All full-time employees, post docs and students that DO NOT possess an on campus
parking assignment are eligible and encouraged to apply for a CAP permit (Commuters
Alternatives Program), which will allow you to park in designated Park-n-Ride lots
surrounding the Carrboro/Chapel Hill areas. Beginning in 2013, there is a nominal fee
for using the town owned lots. These permits cost $250 and can be obtain directly from
the towns of Carrboro and Chapel Hill.

Link to Commuters Alternative Program:

For additional parking information go to the Department of Public Safety homepage: