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StaffRyan Peekstok, Nominated by Shannon Wolfgang: “I was out of town and unable to facilitate our first round of Peds Anesthesia Fellowship Interviews. Despite being a new member of our staff, Ryan stepped up and filled in for me and interviews went off without a hitch! I am grateful to Ryan for his help and relieved that the task was in capable hands!”

Tech: Nominated by Lavinia Kolarczyk: Corine Thompson, Jose Cruz and Ana Jaimes-Ayala: “I would like to nominate Corine, Jose and Ana for all of their help with addressing ongoing issues with our TEE machines over the past few weeks.  Each of them has stepped up to learn how to help us connect with the right repair folks, get the repair people in to do their work, and learn basic maintenance of the machines. Corine has also been working with Smeltz and I on creation of a cardiac equipment QR code so that we can report issues in real time to prevent the issues from compiling.”

CRNA: Nominated by Timmy Keegan: Kaitlyn Bazemore: “On a busy Monday night with tight staffing and almost no free people, Kaitlyn hustled between rooms giving dinner breaks, including waking up a long spine case and transporting them to the ICU.  I always see Kaitlyn go above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of.”

Resident: Nominated by Emily Teeter: Khadija Razzaq: “Khadija is always looking out for her colleagues.  Last week she used her morning break to clean up the resident library, which was a really kind and selfless gesture.”

Fellow: Nominated by Jeremy Armbruster: Meredith Shaw: “There was no fellow assigned to Regional this week, so Dr. Shaw came in each day on her off-week to help with morning blocks. This helped cases start on time and patients got the nerve blocks they needed.”

Faculty: Nominated by Heidi Heyman: Andy Lobonc: “I was in the hallway near the annex having a really tough time separating a crying 2-year-old from his mother in order to bring him back to the OR. Dr. Lobonc happened to walk by and without hesitation offered a helping hand. He pulled up a video on his phone to help distract the child, and ultimately helped carry him into the OR even though it wasn’t his patient/case and he likely had other places to be. Truly a heroic act.”