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When the European Society of Regional Anesthesia (ESRA) laid the groundwork to use live streaming as a teaching tool for reaching learners worldwide, UNC’s Division of Regional Anesthesia (RA) was instrumental to the plan. Launched on January 27th, 2024, the First World Day of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine connected five sister regional anesthesia societies (AFSRA, ASRA Pain Medicine, AOSRA and LASRA) across the globe. For a YouTube live cast that drew 70,000 participants worldwide, UNC Anesthesiology served as the only on-location teaching hub within the U.S. to conduct a hands-on workshop.  

Representing the American Society of Regional Anesthesia (ASRA), UNC Anesthesiology’s core of RA and chronic pain management providers enthusiastically teamed up to facilitate a half-day, live ultrasound scanning workshop (“bootcamp”) at UNC’s new medical education building (Roper Hall), both for online and onsite learners. Moderated by division faculty leaders Drs. Stuart Grant and Monika Nanda, UNC’s live, interactive scanning session guided viewers and onsite learners through procedural skill acquisition, including peripheral nerve blocks, neuraxial anesthesia and point of care ultrasound (POCUS). At UNC, Anesthesiology faculty, residents and CRNAs joined UNC Emergency Medicine residents and UNC medical students in hands-on learning at Roper’s simulation and experiential learning areas. 

By mid-February, the success of UNC’s simul-cast bootcamp had drawn approximately 2500 views of the recorded YouTube live scanning session. UNC Division Chief of Regional Anesthesia and Professor of Anesthesiology Stuart Grant, MB ChB, noted:  

“To stream live to a global audience and have the process go so smoothly is a first for UNC Anesthesiology. With the ability to interact through live chat onscreen, global education possibilities are endless. This whole event highlighted UNC Anesthesiology’s excellence in acute and chronic pain management, from fellowship training, to NIH-funded pain research, to leading the worldwide efforts to reduce the global burden of pain.” 

UNC Professor of Anesthesiology and Regional Anesthesia Fellowship Director Monika Nanda, MBBS, MPH noted: “In addition to [the First World Day of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine] live stream, our division’s live ultrasound scanning workshop for our faculty, residents and medical students was a huge success. We were thrilled to have several faculty members from our division participating as teachers, but we were all the more pleased to teach so many learners from [UNC Anesthesiology] and across the hospital in person.”  


To view UNC’s Division of Regional Anesthesia live cast (moderated by Drs. Stuart Grant and Monika Nanda) on the First World Day of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (January 27th, 2024) from UNC Medical Center, click here. To learn more about UNC’s Division of Regional Anesthesia, visit the division homepage here, on UNC Anesthesiology’s website. 


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