Regional Faculty

The Division of Regional Anesthesia at UNC provides a large volume and wide variety of acute pain management interventions at several locations, including the Ambulatory Surgical Center, UNC Memorial Medical Center, and the UNC Hillsborough campus. Our faculty have broad experience in regional anesthesia, having practiced in many different settings over many years. Our division contributes prominently to several enhanced recovery initiatives and clinical research projects, as well as education of medical students, residents, fellows, and continuing education of practicing anesthesiologists.

Affiliated Faculty

Harendra Arora, MBBS
Sally Stander, MD
Jay Schoenherr, MD
Randy Coombs, MD
James Krakowski, MD
Monika Nanda, MBBS, MPH
Ravindra Prasad, MD
David Hardman, MD, MBA
Christopher Howard, MD
Cody Rowan, MD (Division Chief)
Marc Levi, MD
Fran D’Ercole, MD
Ty Bullard, MD
Robert Isaak, DO