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Retired Professor

Retired Professor


PhD – Ohio State UniversityResearch Professor
Biochemistry & Biophysics, UNC-CH


  • 1996 – Johnston Undergraduate Teaching Excellence
  • 1997 – Favorite Faculty Award (UNC Senior Class)
  • 2003 – William C. Friday, Class of 1986 Teaching Excellence
  • 2008 – Faculty of the Year Award (UNC Student Nat’l Med. Assoc)
  • 2009 – Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
  • Elected to Academy of Educators for the School of Medicine
  • Appointed Teaching Champion for the School of Medicine


I am heavily involved in teaching both undergraduates and medical students, as well as those somewhere in between. I am the course director for “Introduction to Biochemistry,” (BIOC 107/107L and BIOC 108/108L), our two-semester series of lecture and lab courses targeted to students preparing for careers in nursing, dental hygiene, or radiologic science, and to any other students desiring an introductory survey of biochemistry with as much human and clinical relevance as possible. These are 4-credit hour courses, with three lectures and one 2-hour lab session each week. Click on the links to view the syllabus and lecture/lab schedule for Biochem 107 and/or Biochem 108.

I am also the course director for the Biochemistry course in the Medical Education Development (M.E.D.) Program. This intensive 9-week summer program, sponsored by the UNC Medical and Dental Schools, is designed to enhance the opportunities in the medical and dental professions for disadvantaged students.

I am also involved with the first-year medical school curriculum in the “Molecules to Cells” block of instruction. I was a UNC Medical School Teaching Scholar during the 2005-2006 academic year, and was recently elected (2007) as an inaugural member of the UNC Medical School’s Academy of Educators. I also serve on the UNC Faculty Council (2007-2010).

Course Information:

REPRESENTATIVE PUBLICATIONS pubmed.png (click for Full Publication List)


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