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BCBP Seminar: Sarah Keane PhD

Sarah Keane, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biophysics University of Michigan Host: Qi Zhang Title: Structural determinants of microRNA biogenesis Research: The discovery of functional non-coding (nc) RNAs has revolutionalized our understanding of gene expression and regulation. There is a wealth recent information implicating ncRNAs as regulators of a variety of cellular and pathogenic processes. … Read more

BCBP DEI Townhall

1131 Bioinformatics 130 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill

Please join us for a DEI Town Hall meeting organized by Jean Cook, Qi Zhang, and Silvia Ramos. We would like everyone to attend, if possible, to go over the DEI survey and obtain feedback from everyone, especially students, regarding the results and suggestions regarding improvement. There will also be a zoom option (please see … Read more