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2023 MCBP Bowling Social

save the date August 22, 2023, for first- and second-year Biophysics students. Details to be announced over email. location to be announced.

Student Thesis defense: Adil Muneer (Xian Chen lab)

Marsico 2004 125 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC

Title "Non-canonical translation regulatory function of G9a in chronic inflammation associated diseases” Join us on Monday August 28 at 1 PM in Marsico 2004. For Zoom information contact the student.

Relax with puzzles and games

UNC GMB 3007 120 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, United States

Announcement date: August 30, 2023 BCBP community time to relax with puzzles and games After an intense Monday afternoon and being mostly apart yesterday and today, please join your community for informal activities and snacks. Any time after 3 pm, come to 3007 GMB for puzzles, games, and activities. Bring your own cup/bottle/beverage and relax. BCBP … Read more

Student Defense: Aki Braceros

Bondurant Hall G-100

Biochemistry and Biophysics Student Defense: Student: Aki Braceros (student of Dr. Mauro Calabrese) Title: "Epigenetic regulation of gene expression by long non-coding RNAs"

BCBP Town Hall

UNC GMB 3007 120 Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, United States

Instead of the usual seminar on Tuesday, September 12, there will be a departmental town hall meeting at 11:00 in GMB 3007. This meeting is open to the entire department. If you have any issues or questions that you would like to be addressed and discussed in this town hall, please send them to Rhonda … Read more