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Graduate School Handbook (requirements for degree programs)


Graduation Deadlines (applying to graduate, submission of thesis or dissertation, etc.)


Thesis and Dissertation Guide


Funding for Current Students


UNC Academic Calendar




IDPandAnnualMeetingReport_current (submit after meeting)


Graduation Details and Exit Form (submit before defense)


Graduate School Forms (3 needed for graduation listed below)


1. Doctoral Exam Report Form

Each part, Report of Written Exam (I), Report of Oral Exam (II), Report of Final Oral Defense (III), and Report of Final Dissertation (IV) must be signed by your committee chair at the appropriate time. Send the signed form to Holly Shepherd for submission to the Graduate School after each milestone.

2. Report of Doctoral Committee Composition

Part I of this form lists your committee and must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. Part II is your committee’s approval of your intended dissertation project. This form is completed at the oral exam.

3. Program Certification of Degree Requirements Form

After completing all degree requirements, this form will need to be signed by the Director of Graduate Studies to certify that you have meet all requirements for degree clearance.