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Assistant Professor

University Faculty Scholar, Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering NC State University/UNC-Chapel Hill

My long-term research goals are to understand mechanisms involved in coagulation and develop novel therapies that augment the body’s native clotting and subsequent healing processes. My doctoral and postdoctoral training provided me with experimental and theoretical knowledge in the areas of coagulation, biomaterial design, fibrin mechanics, and cellular mechanotransduction mechanisms in fibrosis and wound healing, thus providing a firm foundation for the pursuit of my long-term research goals. A primary research focus in my group is the development of platelet-mimetic materials that participate in the natural coagulation cascade to promote hemostasis and enhance healing outcomes. I have extensive expertise evaluating fibrin polymerization and clot structure in vitro as well as evaluation of clotting in vivo in a variety of rodent injury and bleeding models and models of coagulopathy. I also have experience evaluating bleeding in a pig trauma model. Recent efforts in my group include the development of antimicrobial nanometal microgel composite platelet-like-particles that stop bleeding, fight infection, and improve healing outcomes. I have also become extremely interested in commercialization of hemostatic technologies resulting from our research efforts, particularly our platelet-like-particle technology. To this end, in cooperation with the Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures at NCSU we have started Selsym Biotech, Inc., an early-stage biotechnology company with the goal of developing novel hemostatic materials, for treating bleeding following trauma.

Ashley Brown
  • Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering