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The SAI facility has established a SOP for imaging on BSL2 animals within the imaging labs. Requests for imaging BSL2 animals must be made prior to imaging studies. (Click Title to read more)

BSL-2 animals can go for Imaging

Animal studies with Biosafety Level-2 (BSL-2) are studies involving “agents pose moderate potential hazards to personnel and the environment, and need to be handled only by trained users with precautions to avoid contaminations”. Imaging modalities that can be used for BSL2 studies include optical, ultrasound, CT, and PET/CT imaging modality. Requests for imaging on BSL2 animals will be made by filling out the online project form (available in the “Study Initiation” page) with BSL2 information . The lab must obtain approval from EHS for conducting BLS2 animal studies, and submit the appendix schedule-F to This must be completed prior to imaging your BSL2 animals. You can find the BSL2 SOP online on our SOP website.