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Please always include our Cancer Core Grant support in you acknowledgement. We also need your help to update our publication records with your imaging work done in the core. To go to our online publication entry form. (Click Title to read more)


You can click the following link to enter your publication list.

Your publication collection is useful for several reasons. First, we are partially funded by a recurring NCI grant and publication information is an important component in our yearly renewal. Second, publications are integral for instrumentation grant submissions like the one recently funded for a new PET/CT. Third, we plan to put publication information onto our website for recognition and as an educational tool for other users of the BRIC.

In addition, when you publish results from imaging work done in the core, please include the following grant support in your acknowledgement:

We thank the Small Animal Imaging Facility at the UNC Biomedical Imaging Research Center for providing the ______ imaging service, and the imaging core is supported in part by an NCI cancer core grant, P30-CA016086-40.