Advancing the health of women through research

Women are historically the primary health care decision-makers and caregivers for their families. Keeping women healthy is beneficial to their families, our communities, and our society, yet we still have too little knowledge about how gender affects health, disease, and aging.

The Center for Women’s Health Research at UNC is dedicated to learning more about diseases, disorders, and conditions that affect women only, women predominantly, and women differently than men. We are a small, lean organization adept at leveraging existing resources to bring research dollars to the University – to date, more than $30M in grants, contracts, and clinical trials.

We work across departments, schools, centers, institutes, and colleges to identify new areas for research and facilitate proposal development and submission through the use of efficient and effective processes. New areas of research translate into increased potential for research dollars for the University. Additionally, we have conducted several program evaluations for agencies receiving state funds. Our assessments focus on program outcomes and are instrumental in helping ensure optimum use of state dollars.

We provide exemplary research services to women’s health investigators across the campus, regardless of department, division, school, or college.