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The UNC Finance and Research Support Team (FiRST) has implemented a new Pre-Award proposal request submission form via RASR, which will replace the CWHR Grant Support Request Form. The link to this form, as well as the FiRST Proposal Submission Policy and RASR Submission User Guide, can be found below.

Once you have completed the RASR form, the CWHR Pre-Award team will reach out to collect additional support information unique to the Center, such as editor services. If you have any questions or trouble logging in, please contact Erica Brierley (

RASR Notes

  • Be sure to choose “425201 – Center for Women’s Health Research” as the administering department. This ensures the request will come to CWHR.
    Helpful tip: If you type the word “women” into the search box, we’ll be the only option that comes up!
  • If you do not have access to RASR, email Erica Brierley (
  • RASR can be sluggish during peak hours. If it is slow to the point of frustration, try again at a later time.
  • If CWHR will be the subaward and the other institution has sent an email with all required information, forward the email to Erica Brierley ( who will enter it in RASR.