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The UNC Department of Emergency Medicine supports an active and versatile clinical trials program.   We enjoy working with faculty investigators within our department, as well as multiple other subspecialties, including pulmonary and critical care medicine, hematology, transfusion medicine, trauma surgery, cardiology, and infectious diseases.  We participate in National Network collaboratives including PETAL, SIREN, PCORI, and NEDI.   We have conducted industry-sponsored acute care phase II, III, and IV pharmaceutical trials as well as investigator-initiated studies.  We have participated in multiple biomarker trials and have collaborated with inventors for clinical validation of new devices. Recent highlights include participation in a copperhead snakebite antivenom study, the influenza research collaborative anti-influenza plasma studies, and a TEG/ASAP device pilot study.  We serve as a resource to investigators interested in pursuing all levels of interventional acute care research at UNC. Our research team have completed GCP, lab safety, and phlebotomy training, and we have a dedicated laboratory space which includes a minus 80 freezer, hood, and refrigerated centrifuge. We welcome collaborations with investigators from across the UNC research community, external institutions, and industry.   Please contact us if you would like more information.