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The Department of Emergency Medicine prides itself on its extensive research history and expertise within Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Our faculty and staff work with EMS Systems and providers across the State to research and deliver the best possible care to patients. Examples of our areas of interest include acute cardiac and stroke care, pediatric trauma, obstetric emergencies, and behavioral health.

Our research efforts have included:

  • Designing and executing prehospital trials
  • Assessing EMS system performance and clinical care
  • Evaluating EMS protocol safety
  • Developing specialized educational programs
  • Improving EMS providers’ knowledge for caring for special patient populations
  • And, working with the North Carolina State Office of EMS to revise and implement new state-wide protocols.

Faculty focusing on research within EMS include Dr. Jane Brice, Ms. Julianne Cyr, Dr. Antonio Fernandez, Dr. Joseph Grover, and Dr. Mehul Patel.