The Division of Geriatric Emergency Medicine, co-led by Dr. Kevin Biese and Dr. Tim Platts-Mills, was formed in 2016, but the group has had active geriatric emergency medicine research, education, and clinical care improvement programs since 2006. Our interest in geriatrics is rooted in our appreciation of the challenge in and critical importance of providing outstanding emergency care for older adults, particularly those with complex medical conditions, physical and cognitive disabilities, and nuanced goals of care. Led by Dr. Tim Platts-Mills, research areas of interest within our group include: (1) ED-based screening for elder abuse; (2) Intervention to reduce hazardous alcohol use among older adults; (3) Studies of the early management of acute musculoskeletal pain; and (4) Methods of identifying and linking older ED patients with unmet non-medical needs to local social service programs. Funders for our work include the NIH, NIJ, West Health, The Duke Endowment, and the John A. Hartford Foundation.

Under the leadership of Dr. Kevin Biese, our program is working with the American College of Emergency Physicians, West Health, John A. Hartford, and emergency physicians across the country to certify EDs under the Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation Program. Dr. Christina Shenvi produces GEMCast, which is an award-winning podcast covering topics related to geriatric emergency medicine. We collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of researchers and clinicians in geriatrics, nursing, social work, pain, and psychology both at UNC and beyond. The Division of Geriatric Emergency Medicine also offers one and two-year fellowships in geriatric emergency medicine. Graduates from the fellowship are well positioned to help lead the needed changes nationally in acute care for older adults. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our work.

Kevin Biese MD, MAT
Tim Platts-Mills MD, MSc
Christina Shenvi MD, PhD
Amber C. Rafferty MSN, AGPCNP-BC, ENP-C, CHES
Kathleen Davenport MD