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AHEC – Hot Topics for UNC Family Medicine Faculty Experts

The NC AHEC System focuses on strengthening the healthcare workforce through recruitment and training. In partnership with the UNC School of Medicine, AHEC partners can access faculty experts from the Department of Family Medicine to speak at conferences and/or serve on planning committees to advance excellent primary care and advocacy for a healthier North Carolina.

Content Areas Content Experts
Gender Affirming Care Riley Smith, MD
Rupal Yu, MD, MPH
Ben Kaplan, MD, MPH
Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Ryan Paulus, DO
Rural Health/Farmworker Health
Caroline Roberts, MD
Modjulie Moore, MD
Marni Holder, MSN, RN
Advocacy, COVID, Public Health Erica Pettigrew, MD, JD, MPH
Substance Abuse, Opioid Crisis Management, Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration, MH Stigma Michael Baca-Atlas, MD
Kelly Bossenbroek-Fedoriw, MD
Kelsey Ross Dew, MPH
Grant Writing Dawn Morriston, MPH
Geriatrics, Ageism Mallory McClester Brown, MD
Phil Sloane, MD, PhD
ACGME Guidelines for Family Medicine Residency Training Matt Zeitler, MD
Mallory McClester Brown, MD
Preceptor Training Clark Denniston, MD
Tommy Koonce, MD, MPH
Mallory McClester Brown, MD
Data-Driven Solutions, Quality Improvement, Process for Improvement, Leading Population Health Teams Dana Neutze, MD, PhD
FIT (Formerly Incarcerated Transitions) Program, Legal System and Healthcare Evan Ashkin, MD
Educational Theory & Pedagogy Todd Zakrajsek, PhD
Doula Training Venus Standard, MSN, CNM
HIV & Viral Hepatitis Rick Moore, MD, AAHIVS


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