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As part of our commitment to being a certified patient-centered medical home, UNC Family Medicine works hard to include the patient voice in all activities. By providing input to faculty and staff in clinical process, research, and redesign & renovation of the Family Medicine Center, the Patient Advisory Council has made a huge impact in the department. If you are interested in hearing more about the council please let us know.

The mission of the UNC Family Medicine Center Patient Advisory Council (PAC) is to advise faculty and staff in their mission to develop and refine policies, practices, services and facilities to improve the healthcare experience. Many of our PAC members are also very involved in Community Health initiatives at UNC Family Medicine. If you’d like to learn more about Community Health at Family Medicine, check out our website here. 

We are glad to be here as patients. We represent the patient voice, and we’re here to tell you — the future of family medicine is bright!"
-Patient Advisory Counsel


Meet the Patient Advisory Council Chair

Graham Swift

Born in UK. Profession: scientist with a Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry. Employment experience was in the US in the Material Science Industry where I developed interests and products in a multitude of applications including environmentally benign plastics, perfumes, paints, detergents, etc.

Joined the PAC in 2015

I joined the PAC since I was a patient beginning in the year 2000 and found my provider and all supporting staff excellent in all aspects of medicine and communications both for me and my wife. My provider alerted me to the PAC and the work it does and I knew I had to be part of this organization.

Meet the PAC Members

Charlie Lehmann

Charlie Lehmann has been a patient at Family Medicine since he moved from Vermont in 2012. He has been a member of the Patient Advisory Council for almost 6 years. Charlie’s professional life has been focused on marketing, advertising and new product development. Given this background, he has been instrumental in developing communications initiatives targeted at providing patients with information that will enable them to partner more effectively with their medical provider. He has also served as a Co-Chair of the Council and is a mentor with SCORE.

Herb Davis

Herb Davis has his training and degrees as an Embryologist, Public Administrator, as well as an Educational Administrator.  He has served at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for over thirty years, as a faculty member, academic advisor and administrator.

Serving as a member of the Family Medicine Center’s Patient Advisory Council since its inception in 2012, Herb conveys the importance of individuality.  His main concern is that the providers understand that he and other patients are individuals, who not only have different health issues, but many levels of understanding, as well as preferences for communication and treatments.  He has served on the Renovation and Redesign Committee, as is currently serving on the Steering Team.

Herb has been a patient of the Family Medicine Center for over 30 years.

Winston Liao

Winston Liao has been a patient with the Family Medicine Center for over 40 years. As a PAC member since 2014, he participated in various FMC Kaizen and research and programmatic efforts, is currently a member of the FMC Clinical Systems Improvement Committee, and is also involved with the FMC preventive medicine initiative. He has a background in public health, clinical trial and healthcare research, and previous advisory board experience (e.g., Orange County Advisory Board on Aging).

Pamela Griffis

Pamela Griffis became part of the Patient Advisory Council in February 2018. She loved the opportunity then and loves it even more today. Her healthcare at the Family Medicine Center led her to apply to the PAC and she has had quality care from some of the finest doctors in the country since committing to the standard of one primary care provider in 2014.

Jean Bolduc

Jean Bolduc joined the PAC in 2020 after being a patient with Family Medicine for more than 20 years. Jean is a communications consultant, author and former journalist, covering local government for the Herald-Sun and News & Observer. She is the host of The Weekend Watercooler on WCHL. She is a graduate of the UNC School of Journalism & Mass Communications. Jean and her husband, Rick, live in Chapel Hill.

Kate Vanneman Scheidler

Kate joined the UNC Family Medicine practice when she was pregnant with her first child. Due to the impressive and personalized level of care, her entire family is now cared for by the UNC Family Medicine team. She joined the PAC with the hope of providing additional perspective regarding the needs of young families that are cared for by the practice. Kate currently works at Duke Health Systems as the Strategic Coordinator for Salesforce (don’t worry she still roots for the Heels!). In her day-to-day life she works with Duke Health to determine how technology can be leveraged to facilitate more efficient business processes, impacting both the provider and patient experiences within the health care system.

Kate received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University, and Masters of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi) degree from Duke University.  She currently is the acting chair on the MMCi Alumni Board, parent representative on the Chapel Hill Day Care Center board, and has previously volunteered with organizations such as Wish For Our Heroes and The Children’s Bureau of Indianapolis.

Winnie Morgan

Winnie is a retired professional speaker, trainer and consultant, specializing in programs to improve effectiveness in the work place and within organizations. Before starting her own business in 1989, she was a department head and youth development specialist for local government in Northern VA. Winnie has a lifetime of experience of working with volunteer management. She has traveled to Belarus and Ukraine(former USSR) to help set up volunteer systems to address social issues. Various contracts have included being the Faith Involvement Coordinator for welfare reform in Orange County, writing curriculum and training teachers and principals in NYC on service learning, serving as camp director for UNC’s pediatric burn survivor camp, to working with congregations on early brain development. Women in Management selected her as the national outstanding entrepreneur of the year. Winnie has been a patient at UNC Family Medicine since before 2011 and joined the PAC in 2020.  Winnie was interested in joining the PAC to influence decisions to ensure all patients have positive healthcare experiences and to increase wellness opportunities at UNC Family Medicine.

Dr. Lorna H. Harris, PhD, RN, FAAN (Retired)

Dr. Harris has been involved in providing health care to North Carolina citizens for over forty years. The focus of her work has been in the area of community health nursing, with research topics in health promotion in African-Americans and other high-risk populations.   From 2000 to the present, she has served on numerous boards and advisory committees including the National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations, UNC-CH Program on Ethnicity, Culture, and Health Outcomes, the Journal of the North Carolina Medical Association, Triangle Chapter of the American Red Cross and Carol Woods Retirement Community. She became a member of PAC in 2019. Her purpose for joining was to continue provide health services to citizens in Orange and surrounding counties.