Family Medicine Leadership

Margaret Helton, MD | Professor & Interim Chair
Tommy Koonce, MD, MPH | Vice Chair of Education
Katrina Donahue, MD, MPH | Vice Chair of Research
Ron Lingley, MSPH | Vice Chair for Administration

Phil Sloane, MD, MPH | Director of Academic Advancement
Adam Goldstein, MD, MPH | Director of Development and Advancement 

Administrative staff listed alphabetically by area of expertise

Human Resources, Accounting & Administration

Jaime Adams | HR Specialist, 984-974-4889
Dionne Apple | Executive Assistant to the Interim Chair, 984-974-4990
Sonya Buford Business Analyst, 984-974-4526
Lyn Gilbert Assistant to Vice Chair for Administration, Credentialing Coordinator 984-974-4882
Pam Hoover Manager of Financial Services, 984-974-4886
 | Research & Grants Manager, 984-974-4893
 Accounting Technician, 984-974-4880
, MS | HR Consultant, 984-974-4879
Savonne Stephens Accounting Technician, 919-966-0325

Research Support

Kristen Jarman | Associate Director, Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Program
Larissa Loufman, MPH | Research Assistant
Leah Ranney, PhD, MA | Director, Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Program, 919-966-2803

Program Support

Daniel Chegash | Manager of Program Operations, 984-974-4655
Yanira DeLao | Sports Medicine Coordinator & Clinical Team Member, 984-974-4575
Johna Enders, MS | Admin Support Specialist, 984-974-4574
Amanda Harvey | Faculty Support Associate, 984-974- 4576
Katie Jelen | Admin Support Specialist, 984-974-4879
Jenny Jones | Admin Support Associate, 984-974-4463
Karen Peoples | Scheduling Coordinator, 984-974-4521
Jessica Smith | Residency Program Manager, 984-974-4544

Community Health Initiative

Sherry Hay, MPA Project Director, 984-974-4892
Tim Smith, MPA Program Manager, 984-974-4996

Communications & Development

Reid Johnson | Development Coordinator, 984-974-4898
Katie Kolls | Communications & Marketing Specialist, 984-974-4989
Brad Wilson Director of Development, 984-974-4467

Clinical Administration

Rayhaan Adams, MSW, LCSW  | Manager, Population Health & Value Care Services, 984-974-4244
Kevah Jones Family Medicine Center Administrative Assistant, 984-974-4214
 Assistant Practice Manager, 984-974-4288
 Practice Administrator, 984-974-4289

Clinical Support – Administrative

Marcus Anderson
Latoya Chennis
Mertisha Davenport
Brittany Marsh
Scarlet Mejia
Marvena Muldrow
Alexia Smith
Dana Trollinger
Marquita Yancey

Clinical Support – Team Reps
Outerbanks– Brianna Degraffenreid
Sandhills– Eunice Thomas
Piedmont– Jan Scott
Foothills– Vickie Jeffries
Blueridge/ Urgent Care– Shelley Krasnopolsky
Triangle – Monique Chanakira
Front desk/ Evening Urgent Care– Ryan Clohesy

Clinical Support
Jasmeen Ali, CMA
Ashley Cates, CMA
Diane Corbett, CMA
Destiny Crisp, CMA
Andrea English, RN
Erica Geer, CMA
Sarmila Ghimire, RN
Janice Harvey, CMA
Angela Hatfield, RN
Asia Hill, CMA
Carolyn King, LPN
Meme Layne, CMA
Sineatha McCray, LPN
Don McKoy, LPN
Fiona Mclean, CMA
Kreisha Melton, CMA
Jeannetta Raines, CMA
Latarsha Robinson, MA
Malika Robinson, MA
Wilma Sanford, CMA
LaKenna Saunders, CMA
Zaray Turnbull, CMA
LaBrittany Wardlow, CMA

Clinical Support – Maternal and Child Health

Siobhan Wulff, RN, BS, IBLLC. Perinatal Nurse Coordinator, 984-974-4771
Lisa Biggs, MA. Program Administrator, 984-974-4775

Clinical Support – Lab

Jennifer Wilson, Supervisor
Brittney McCoy, MLT
Isaiah Beyah, Phlebotomist
Francesca Carney, MLT
Paige Gomez, MLT

Clinical Support – X-Ray

Debra Holmes

Clinical Support – Nutrition

Lana Nasrallah, Outpatient Dietitian

Clinical Support – Financial

Rodney Mangum, Financial Counselor
Joy Hughes, Financial Counselor

Clinical Support – Social Work – Population Health

Amy Prentice, MSW- Population Health Senior Leader
Destini Warren, MSW- Population Health Leader
Michael Goodling, MSW, LCSW- Population Health Leader
LaToya Mullen, MPH, CHES- Population Health Specialist/Trainer
Erica Williams- Population Health Specialist
Stephanie Jarrell, MSW, LCSWA- Population Health Specialist
Maddy Kameny, MPH- Population Health Specialist
Sarah Grace McHone, BSW- Population Health Specialist
Anna Rowthorn-Apel- MedServe Fellow
Sami Strutner- MedServe Fellow
Megan Koceja- MedServe Fellow
Anna Silver- MedServe Fellow
DeAndrea Crockwell, MSW, LCSWA- ED Navigator/ Transitions Care Coordinator

Clinical Support – Tobacco Use Treatment

Laurel Sisler Director, Nicotine Dependence & Weight Management Programs
Eiman Newcomer, MSW Tobacco Treatment Specialist
Barbara Silver, MA, CTTS Social Services Professional
Sarah Sterling, MSW Tobacco Treatment Specialist
Susan Trout, LCSW, MSPH, CTTS Family Medicine Nicotine Dependence Clinic
Stephanie Wilhoit-Reeves Weight Management Programs