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Family Medicine Leadership

(listed alphabetically)

Margaret Helton, MD | Distinguished Professor & Chair
Nailah Adams, MD, MS, CAQSM | Director of Sports Medicine Fellowship
Shannon Aymes, MD, MPH | Director of Preventive Medicine Residency
Kelly Bossenbroek Fedoriw, MD | Director of Medical Student Programs
Mallory Brown, MD |
Director of Family Medicine Residency Program
Katrina Donahue, MD, MPH | Vice Chair of Research
Adam Goldstein, MD, MPH | Director of Development and Advancement
Karen Halpert, MD | Vice Chair of Clinical Excellence
LeRon Jackson, MD, MPH | Director of Inclusive Excellence for Faculty
Rita Lahlou, MD, MPH | Medical Director of the Family Medicine Center
Dana Neutze, MD, PhD | Director of Quality Improvement and Population Health
Michael Ropero-Cartier, MD | DEI Liaison to the School of Medicine

Ashley Rietz, MD | Assistant Director of the Family Medicine Center
Phil Sloane, MD, MPH | Director of Academic Advancement

Venus Standard, MSN, CNM | Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education and Community Engagement
Kevin Tate, MHA | Vice Chair for Administration

Administrative staff listed alphabetically by area of expertise

Human Resources, Accounting & Administration

Jaime Adams | HR Consultant, 984-974-4889
Dionne Apple | Executive Assistant to the Chair, 984-974-4990
Alexandria Bergiste | Admin Support Specialist, 984-974-4463
Andrew Olsson
 Manager of Financial Services, 984-974-4880
Jean Russell | Research & Grants Manager, 984-974-4888
Jonia Sanders Accountant, 984-974-7661
Savonne Stephens Accounting Technician, 919-966-0325
Rebekah Temple | HR Consultant, 919-962-7231

Program Support

Daniel Chegash, MA | Manager of Operations and Infrastructure, 984-974-4655
Jesicia Peaden | Admin Support Specialist, 919-962-2211
Amanda Harvey, MA | Faculty Support Associate, 984-974-4576
Ashley Heidinger | Admin Support Specialist, 984-974-9986
Katie Jelen, MA, MSLS | Admin Support Specialist, 984-974-4879
Karen Peoples | Scheduling Coordinator, 984-974-4521
Jessica Smith, MPM | Manager of Residency Programs, 984-974-4544
Kayla Thompson, MA | Admin Support Specialist

Research Support

Kelli Hammond | Research Coordinator
Sally Bobbitt | Research Coordinator

Kristen Jarman, MPH| Associate Director, Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Program
Sonia Clark | Social/Clinical Research Specialist
Leah Ranney, PhD, MA | Director, Tobacco Prevention and Evaluation Program, 919-966-2803
Kelsey Ross, MPH | Project Manager

NC FIT Program

Anna Baker, MPH | NC Formerly Incarcerated Transition (NCFIT) Program Project Manager
Juan Tuset, MSW | NCFIT Program Coordinator
Antonio Malone | NCFIT Program Community Health Worker
Cami Gonzalez | NCFIT Program Research & Evaluation Associate
Yvonne Jones | NCFIT Program Technical Assistant Project Manager

Community Health Initiative

Marni Holder, MSN, RN | Director, Community Health Initiatives 984-974-4892
Tim Smith, MPA Program Manager, 984-974-4996

Communications & Development

Reid Johnson | Director of Communications, 984-974-4898

Clinical Administration

Jocelyn Allsbrook, RN, MSN CPAN | Patient Services Manager
Keith Compson, PT, MBA | Practice Administrator, 984-974-4289
Kevah Jones Family Medicine Center Administrative Assistant, 984-974-4214
, MPH Assistant Practice Manager, 984-974-4288
, MHA Senior Director, 984-974-7819

Clinical Support – Administrative

Marcus Anderson
Kineta Barrera
Cynthia Brown
Takeya Ingram
Afia Lake
Toni McIver
Jerrie Meadows
Yasharah St Phard
Toinette Stout
Lauria Themes
Dana Trollinger
Audrey Tunstall
LaShaunda VIncent
Marquita Yancey

Clinical Support – Team Reps
Outerbanks– Breanna Degraffenreid
Sandhills– Eunice Thomas
Piedmont– Jan Scott
Foothills– Tasha Ingram
Blueridge/ Urgent Care– Jolene Warner
Triangle – Monique Chanakira

Clinical Support
Jasmeen Ali, CMA
Ashley Cates, CMA
Diane Corbett, CMA
Destiny Crisp, CMA
Carlotta Covington, LPN
Sherita Graves, CMA
Phyllis Henderson, CMA
Alexis Hines, CMA I
Carolyn King, LPN
Dana King, CMA
Afia Lake, MA Apprentice
Lucy Luviano, CMAII
Amanda Mauldin, MA Apprentice
Sineatha McCray, LPN
Fiona Mclean, CMAIII
Lauren O’Connor, CMA
Rosy Ordonez, CMAI
Latarsha Robinson, MA
Wilma Sanford, CMA
LaKenna Saunders, CMAIII
Luwam Teame, RN
Zaray Turnbull, CMAIII
Amanda Van Halem, MAIII
Kiara Woods, CMA

Clinical Support – Family-Centered Perinatal Care (FCPC) Program

Lucy McMillian, RN, BSN. Perinatal Nurse Coordinator, 984-974-4771
Kierra Woods, BS. Program Administrator, 984-974-4775

Clinical Support – Lab

Tina Peters, Phlebotomist
Kaylee Roseboro, Phlebotomist

Clinical Support – X-Ray

Debra Holmes

Clinical Support – Nutrition

Lana Nasrallah, Outpatient Dietitian

Clinical Support – Financial

Rodney Mangum, Financial Counselor

Clinical Support – Social Work – Population Health

Amy Prentice, LCSW- Population Health Senior Leader
Destini Warren, LCSWA- Care Manager
Michael Goodling, LCSW- Care Manager
Meri Wickenhofer, LCSW- Care Manager
Sarah Grace Downs , LCSWA – Care Manager
Jazmin Monroe Richards, LCSWA – Care Manager
Jessica Harper, LCSWA – Care Manager

Emma DiLavore- MedServe Fellow
Kianna Lawrence – MedServe Fellow

Tobacco Treatment and Weight Management Programs

Kimberly Shoenbill, MD, PhD | Director, Tobacco Treatment & Weight Management Programs
Susan Trout, LCSW, MSPH, NCTTP | Director, Tobacco Treatment & Weight Management Programs. Associate Director, Tobacco Treatment Programs, Family Medicine Tobacco Treatment Clinic
Sarah Sterling, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, NCTTP Team Lead, Weight Management Program
Eiman Newcomer, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, NCTTP
 Team Lead, Inpatient Tobacco Treatment Program