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Sylvia Becker-Dreps in Nicaragua, where she conducts international research on the Zika virus.

Piloted in the summer of 2018, the UNC Family Medicine Research Hub puts researchers in touch with resources to meet their programming, grant writing, and statistical support needs. The Hub also works with Health Sciences librarian Sarah Wright, MSL. The Hub aims to encourage more collaboration and research engagement from experienced researchers, early career researchers, and clinicians alike.  If you are a UNC Family Medicine faculty or resident and you have a project in need of additional resources, reach out to Kelli Hammond and Katrina Donahue with more information about your project, and put “research hub” in the subject of your email.

Grants Manager

If you are preparing for a grant, or thinking about submitting a grant or proposal through Family Medicine, email Andrew Olsson at and Jean Russell at as soon as possible so that the project is on the schedule. At least ten days before the submission of the proposal, you will need to fill out the Proposal Request Form here.

Meet librarian Sarah Wright, MSL

Sarah Wright, Clinical Librarian and Graduate Medical Education Specialist, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Sarah Wright, MSL is a Clinical Librarian and Graduate Medical Education Specialist who works at the UNC Health Sciences Library. She implements training for UNC Hospitals’ residents; handles patient-related information retrieval and the critical appraisal of evidence; provides expert-mediated searching and synthesized answers in response to advanced requests; provides clinical information and evidence-based practice for bedside clinical rounds; offers effective and innovative client-centered education services; and conducts individual and group consultations on information discovery, retrieval, and management.

Wright can assist with publication and grant searches, systematic reviews, impact measurement and visualization as well as research impact tools such as ORCID. She is also able to help navigate other Health Science resources available through the Research Hub @ HSL.

For librarian assistance, email Kelli Hammond and Katrina Donahue, or reach out to Sarah Wright directly through the HSL page.

Resources document for grant writing

Researchers as well as Family Medicine clinical and grant support have compiled a document describing UNC School of Medicine, Family Medicine, NCTracs, and general University resources. This document is for use in grants, proposals, and for others purposes that require the description of Family Medicine’s resources. Please use the most relevant information; it is not intended to be used in it’s entirety. Select here to log into Sharepoint with your onyen and download the document. If you are having issues accessing the document, email Kelli Hammond.

SPIN Funding Database

SPIN is a comprehensive database containing over 40,000 funding opportunities from more than 10,000 federal, public, non-profit, and private sponsors. Registered users can set up and save search preferences, sign up for email notifications, organize and export funding searches and funding opportunities. Learn how to set up an account and build a search here. If you need assistance with a SPIN search, talk to Sarah Wright, MSL, listed above.

NC counties map tool

For those in need of a map of North Carolina highlighting various counties, select here to check out a tool from Observable. This program allows you to chose the color of selected and unselected counties; you can download the finished product as either a png or an svg (for Adobe Illustrator.)


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