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Title: Asians in America: Exploring the Relationships Between Racial Microaggressions, Ethnic Identity, and Substance Use, and Healthcare Provider Interactions

Investigators: Annie Chen, BSPH, Sarah D. Kowitt, PhD, MPH, Adam O. Goldstein, MD, MPH, Leah M. Ranney, PhD, MHA


Title:  Accuracy of Family Medicine Physician detection of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms and Hear Failure using Point-of-Care-Ultrasound (the CARdiOvascular uLtrasound screenINg In fAmily mediciNe [CAROLINIAN] Study)

Investigators: Ryan Paulus DO, John Doughton MD, Philip Sloane MD, MPH, Kelli Hammond BS, Andrea Filozof and Madison Hunter


Title: Assessing the Experience of Transgender Patients at the UNC Family Medicine Center

Investigators: Riley Smith, MD, Ben Kaplan, MD, Kaylee Deardorff, Chichi Zhu


Title: Chatham Maternity Care Center Evaluation 2022: Student Research Team

Investigators: Martha Carlough, MD, MPH, Kathryn Wouk, Ellen Chetwynd, PhD, MPH, IBCLC, Dana Iglesias, MD, MPH, Cristen Page, MD, MPH


Title: Differences in oligosaccharide composition by human milk “type” and impact on child health outcomes
Investigators: Sylvia Becker-Dreps, MD, MPH, and Nadja Vielot, PhD


Title: Evaluation of the UNC Chatham Maternity Care Center
Investigators: Martha Carlough, MD, MPH Ellen Chetwynd, PhD, Katie Wouk, PhD, and Andrea Dotson, MD, MSPH

Title: Risk Perceptions and Consumer Responses to Marijuana Dispensary Packaging

Investigators: Sarah D. Kowitt, PhD, MPH, Joseph G. L. Lee, PhD, MPH, and Kristen L. Jarman, MSPH


Title: Testing a frozen medically tailored meal option  to address food insecurity among patients discharged from the family medicine service – an approach to decreasing hospital readmission

Investigators: Amir Barzin, DO, MS, Ryan Paulus, DO, Alice Ammerman, and Ahmed Mashal (MS1) several SPH learners


Title: Recruiting Rural North Carolina Clinics To Participate In An HPV Vaccination Trial: A Feasibility Study

Investigators: Nadja Vielot, PhD, Jennifer Smith, PhD, Melissa Gilkey, PhD, and Sylvia Becker-Dreps, MD, MPH


Title: Features of mHealth Interventions for Smoking Cessation that Appeal to African American smokers

Investigators: Chineme Enyioha, MD, MPH, Christine E Kistler, MD, MaSC, Crystal Cene, MD, MPH, Adam Goldstein MD, MPH, Larissa Loufman, MPH, MaryBeth Grewe, MPH, Adina Black, BA, Ashley Arrington, BA, and Miriam Perez, BA


Title: Impact of a Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Training Grant: Impact of LARC Accessibility, Patient Satisfaction, and Patient Experience at a Rural Teaching Health Center’
Investigators: Narges Farahi, MD, Rathika Nimalendran, MD, Hannah Baker, MPH, SOM medical students Lauren Ahlschlager & Kelsey Keverline


Title: Stakeholder Analysis for the Development of a Novel mHealth Application for Dietary Supplement Tracking and Reconcilation
Investigators: Postdoctoral Research Fellow Jacob Hill, ND, MS, Gary Asher, MD, MPH


Title: Faculty Ultrasound Study: Does Implementation of a Workshop Based Ultrasound Training Program Result In Competency and Increased Use in Clinical Practice?”
Investigators: John Doughton, MD, Catherine Coe, MD, Eli Tiller, MD, Matt Zeitler, MD


Title: Healthful and unhealthful plant-based diets and the incidence of colorectal cancer in US adults using data from the Nurses’ Health Study 1 and 2.

Investigator: Shannon Aymes

Title: Evaluating the Impact of Sugar Sweetened Beverage Health Warnings: RCT
Investigators: Leah M. Ranney, PhD, Anna G. Grummon, MSPH

Title: Medical Directors of Local Health Departments: Challenges, Insights, and Opportunities
Investigators: Emily Hanna, MD, Ben Hooker, MD, MPH, Deborah Porterfield, MD, MPH, and Phil Sloane, MD, MPH

Title: Group B Streptococcus colonization in pregnant women in Nicaragua: implications for maternal vaccination research and implementation
Investigators: Nadja Vielot, PhD

Title: Pregnancy Related E-cigarette use and Maternal and neonatal outcomes (PREMO)- A Pilot study
Investigators: Matthew Hall, MD, MPH, Justin Byron, PhD, MHS

Title:  “Putting Up a Poster About Birth Control Means My Doctor Cares About Me as a Woman”: Evaluating the Impact of Two Contraceptive Fact Sheets on Factors Influencing Women’s Contraceptive Choices
Investigators: Alex Kaysin, MD

Title: Extension of Funding for -Risk level, knowledge, awareness, and perception of Zika among Latina women of reproductive age in rural North Carolina
Investigators: Sylvia Becker-Dreps MD, MPH, Serena Zhou-Talbert MD, MPH

Title: Risk level, knowledge, awareness, and perception of Zika among Latina women of reproductive age in rural North Carolina.
Investigators: Sylvia Becker-Dreps MD, MPH, Serena Zhou-Talbert MD, MPH

Title: Inpatient Tobacco Use Treatment Consults and Readmission Rates
Investigators: Adam Goldstein, MD, MPH, Laurel Sisler, MSW, LCSWA and Carol Ripley-Moffitt, MDiv, CTTS

Title: Accuracy of Novice Cardiologists’ Interpretation of Pre-Participation Screening Electrocardiograms and Improvement with Online Training
Investigator: Lauren Porras, MD

Title: Family Physicians as Medical Directors of County Health Departments: Challenges, Insights, and Opportunities
Investigator: Julie Monaco, MD

Title: Feasibility of an 8-Week Mindfullness Self-Compassion Videoconference Intervention for Adolescents/Young Adults Diagnosed with Cancer

Investigators: Gary Asher, MD & Rebecca Campo, PhD

Title: Preferences for Medical Care in Serious Illness
Investigator: Amy Denham, MD, MPH

Title: Patient and Provider Perspectives on Obesity Treatment

Investigators: Adam Goldstein, MD, MPH & Carol Ripley-Moffitt, MDiv, CTTS

Title: Accuracy of novel interpretation of pre-participation screening electrocardiograms and improvement with online training

Investigators: Lauren Porras, MD, UNC Sports Medicine Fellow & Harry Stafford, MD

Title: Feasibility of Patient Pay for Performance for Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Management

Investigators: Karen Halpert, MD & Anthony Viera, MD, MPH

Title: Use of a handheld tool to stimulate learner driven education in the clinical setting
Investigators: Anne Mounsey, MD & Alfred Reid, MA