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At UNC Family Medicine, we aim to support the research and scholarship efforts of our faculty. In order to encourage collaboration, dissemination, and innovation, we have specific funds available by application. The Special Needs Fund for Faculty Research provides quick turnaround funding for one-time needs to support the research of department faculty. 


Funds and Eligibility

The program can cover the costs that investigators face with new and existing projects when preparing grant applications, covering specific costs during transition periods between funded projects, meeting costs not covered under current grant funding, and for dissemination. Support for non-funded projects is also appropriate, if the yield for the faculty member and department are significant. Anticipated uses include statistical consultation for grant preparation, statistical software purchase, publishing costs in author-supported journals, and travel costs to national meetings to meet with collaborators to plan for new projects.

These funds are available to any member of the Chapel Hill and local community faculty.

Application and Review Process

The goal is for a quick turnaround process that can promptly and efficiently support faculty research, particularly as it helps secure or expand new or existing funding. Applications are to be submitted at any time by email to the department’s Research Program director with a few paragraphs clearly and succinctly stating

  1.  The proposed use of the funds requested
  2. The expected benefits/products/outcomes of the funded activities
  3.  The amount requested, with justification
  4.  Other sources of funding considered
  5.  Timing/deadlines of when funding is needed.

In most cases, the Research Program director will promptly approve requests, explain why the request does not fit the program’s goals and/or direct the applicant to another potential funding source.