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Assistant Professor, Genetics 

Research Interests

Keywords: Epigenetics, Chromatin remodeling, Development, Gametogenesis, Meiosis.

Successful gametogenesis is the key to the perpetuation of a species. Germ cells are unique in nature and undergo both mitosis and meiosis successively to produce mature gametes. During meiotic prophase, germ cells undergo genetic recombination by initiation and repair of DNA double strand breaks to introduce genetic diversity, and extensive changes in transcription as well to promote transcription of meiotic genes. These processes involve several checkpoints to ensure the final gametes are free of aneuploidy, mutations, and overall genomic instability. Chromatin modifiers and remodelers play key role in these processes.

We are currently interested about the chromatin remodelers in male germ cell development. We use a multiomic approach to determine genomewide transcription, chromatin regulators and transcription factor binding, chromatin accessibility in combination to proteomic analysis to determine how the interplay of chromatin modifiers, DNA repair factors and chromatin state facilitate germ cell development. Our studies indicate that a chromatin remodeler INO80 is necessary for DNA double strand break repair and silencing the somatic gene expression in spermatocytes to facilitate meiotic gene expression. INO80 also interacts with other meiotic factors, and we are currently exploring the role of INO80 in meiotic processes in different stages during development.

Mentor Training

  • REI Racial Equity Workshop Phase 1

Prabuddha Chakraborty in UNC Genetics News

Prabuddha Chakraborty
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