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Shadow A Scientist 2022
Sarah Brotman, Saygin Gulec, and Nisitha Sengottuvel

Sarah Brotman (Genetics and Molecular Biology Graduate Student in the Karen Mohlke lab), Saygin Gulec (Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Graduate Student in the Tim Elston and Klaus Hahn labs), and Nisitha Sengottuvel (Genetics and Molecular Biology Graduate Student in the Chad Pecot lab) participated in the 2022 UNC “Shadow a Scientist” Program.

Shadow A Scientist is a graduate-student run organization that plans and conducts outreach visits for underserved communities in NC.

Sarah and Saygin participated in a Q&A session with students from East Burke High School in Connelly Springs in March 2022 and Nisitha participated in a “Path in Science” panel with students from Duplin County Health Sciences Academy in April 2022.  The program hosted multiple student groups last year and the details and photos can be found here.  Thanks to Sarah, Saygin, and Nisitha for their outreach activities!