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HTSF reviews all service fees on an annual basis. A selected group of standard library fees and Illumina sequencing platform set ups are published. This is a very small selection of offered services. If you do not see a service you are interested in, feel free to reach out to the customer service team for current fees for a service of interest or use our Quotes tab below.

Contact Customer Service:

Selected Service Fees

Service fees tables for standard library preparation and sequencing. The fees listed are for UNC approved users only and will require a UNC password (ONYEN) to log in and access the fees table. If you do not have an ONYEN or are a non UNC investigator, please contact customer service for help OR submit a quote request.
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When standard fees do not fit your needs or if you would like a more detailed fees plan for your study, please request a quote.
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Preset Processing Pipelines

The HTSF has a preset series of standard processing pipelines to service common needs of an investigator. This is a single price per sample (with minimum sample set size) that takes raw material to data delivery. A UNC ONYEN is required to access this tab. Please contact the customer service group if you are not an UNC investigator.
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Custom Services and R&D Services

Have an idea but not sure how to reach a data end point? Let the HTSF help bring it to fruition.