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At this time, the HTSF is reviewing all service fees. A selected group of standard library fees and Illumina sequencing platform set ups will be published once the review is complete. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to the customer service team for current fees for a service of interest or use our Quotes tab below.

Selected Service Fees

Service fees tables for standard library preparation and sequencing. The fees listed are for UNC approved users only and will require a UNC password (ONYEN) to log in and access the fees table. If you do not have an ONYEN or are a non UNC investigator, please contact customer service for help OR submit a quote request.


When standard fees do not fit your needs or if you would like a more detailed fees plan for your study, please request a quote.

Preset Processing Pipelines

The HTSF has a preset series of standard processing pipelines to service common needs of an investigator. This is a single price per sample (with minimum sample set size) that takes raw material to data delivery. A UNC ONYEN is required to access this tab. Please contact the customer service group if you are not an UNC investigator.

Custom Services and R&D Services

Have an idea but not sure how to reach a data end point? Let the HTSF help bring it to fruition.