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Asked to submit a form? Need further information for services we provide? HTSF wants to ensure that you have a central location to find all forms and supplemental information for all services we provide. If there is additional information needed, not listed here, please contact our customer service team.


Requesting a Quote

This form is for potential or current customers seeking accurate pricing for an upcoming project being planned and needing exact/precise numbers for grant submission, etc. This may be filled out online OR down loaded to be filled out and emailed the HTSF customer service group.

Fill out Requesting a Quote Form online

HTSF DNA and RNA Sample Preparation Requirement Guide

This is a quick guide to properly preparing RNA and DNA samples for submission. Listed by raw material type, this table lists minimum concentrations, volume and quality metrics required for different library types.

It also indicates for a limited set of library types, what to submit if 2 libraries are to be made from 1 submitted aliquot.

  • Total RNA and Small RNA
  • mRNA and Small RNA

If you have any further questions on submitting material, please contact or lab manager, Chris Nagy at

HTSF Shipping & Packing Instructions

Information on shipping and packing samples to HTSF

Sequencing Platform Timetable

This table will help customers understand how long it will take to see their data in their project folder after receiving a “SEQUENCING STATUS” email. It includes average run time to data delivery.

Where is the HTSF?

This is for our new customers who are unsure of where we are located. Use this guide for directions from multiple locations on campus

HTSF Policies

This guide will help understand how HTSF operates and who to contact if you have questions referring to billing, data delivery, etc.

Tracseq and Submissions

TracSeq Step by Step Submission Guide

This is an introduction to working with TracSeq, step-by-step guide for submitting samples, and TracSeq site features

A YouTube video on the 7 step submission process

How to Fill Out a TracSeq Manifest Help Guide

This includes key points for filling out a manifest necessary for sample submission

Submitting Barcodes to HTSF

This guide will help you submit your single and dual barcodes correctly to your sample manifest on TracSeq

Submitting Custom Sequencing Primers to HTSF

This guide specifies the requirements needed for submitting custom primers for your material

HTSF Approved Container Requirements

This is a guide to help decide which container to use when submitting material to HTSF. This the most updated list of samples we DO accept, along with pictures and names of samples we DO NOT accept

Navigating TracSeq

This a step by step guide for using TracSeq beyond submissions. How to find:

  • Account names and batch numbers
  • Viewing quotes
  • Printing out confirmed manifest for drop off
  • Finding attachments for : sample QAQC, Submission, etc
  • Flowcell information: loading info, run names, run metrics
  • Data delivery folder


Illumina Sequencing Platform Comparison Chart

This is a chart to help guide customers with picking sequencing platforms. It includes all of our Illumina sequencing options and is a great tool to compare MiSeq, older HiSeq platforms and NovaSeq6000.

This is a guide for those who are not completely familiar with NovaSeq6000 technology and are curious about the amount of data the NovaSeq is able to produce per flowcell vs lane.

NovaSeq Requirements and Pooling Suggestions

This table lists the requirements for a pool to be run on the various NovaSeq Platforms. It also has a table for the suggested number of libraries per pool based on library type and NovaSeq versions.

PhiX Addition

A brief discussion from Illumina on the need for PhiX and when to increase the percentage used.

FAST-SEQ Release Form

FAST-SEQ sample expectations and release form. Prior to submitting for FAST-SEQ. A consult with Tara Skelly and Amy Perou is required

Next SEQ Pooling

HTSF NextSeq Requirements and Pooling Suggestions

Alternative Technologies

10x Genomics Submission Instructions for STUDY MADE libraries

How to submit for 10x libraries that were made by the study.

  • Planning of the experiments including discussion of cell numbers, pooling and sequencing
  • Filling out a TracSeq request
  • Used in conjunction with 10x Genomics Manifest for Study Made Libraries with Indexes and Sequencing Requirements

10x Genomics Manifest for Study Made Libraries with Indexes and Sequencing Requirements

When preparing 10x libraries that will be submitted to the HTSF, additional requirements and information are needed to ensure samples are processed correctly on Cell Ranger. This manifest includes:

  • Additional tabs – barcode nt seq for each of the barcodes in the index sets.
  • Sequencing cycle set up for the different library kits based on version number and Seq platform.

Long Read Technologies

Oxford Nanopore Submission Form

This form should be filled and returned to Tara Skelly and Piotr Mieczkowski prior to sample drop off

BioNano Submission Instructions

This is a quick guide to properly prepare for BioNano submissions. Please note, a consult with Piotr Mieczkowski and Ewa Malc is required prior to sample drop off

Bionano Submission Form

This form should be filled and returned to Ewa Malc and Piotr Mieczkowski to ensure project setup and sample processing timeline

Long Read Technologies and Submission

Further details on submission instructions for online submission for Oxford Nanopore and BioNano services

White Papers

White papers are a general synopsis of each described technology. If you need further information on any of these topics, check our Technologies Tab on the HTSF website OR please feel free to reach out to the HTSF customer service team.


Discusses Illumina NovaSeq Platform Technology and considerations.

Oxford Nanopore

Discusses Oxford Nanopore Technology and considerations.


Discusses Bionano Saphyr Technology and considerations.

10x Genomics

Discusses 10x Genomics Technology, suggested cell inputs and considerations.


Nextseq offers smaller data ranges at similar to the discontinued HiSeq platform systems but at a at a lower cost.

Primer Dimer

Primer Dimer Sequencing Requirements.

Grant Writing

This set of forms and guides are to help HTSF customers write grants and use HTSF if official publication along with details of who to contact if needing further assistance with this type of work

Requesting Grant Letter of Support

Fill out this form and return to the HTSF customer service group when you would like a letter of support from our directors.

Grants and Papers Guide

A variety of information that can be helpful when writing. Including how to acknowledge the HTSF in publications.

HTSF Rigor and Reproducibility

This is an extension of our policies that specifies our beliefs and standards to continue progression at HTSF