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Library Staff

The HTSF offers multiple library preparation services that include:

  • Illumina based technology libraries – manual and robotics production
  • Non-Illumina based library preparation
  • Custom libraries
  • R&D novel library preps – with consultation with HTSF
  • Oxford Nanopore and Bionano Libraries

Do not see a library you are thinking about? Have an idea but not sure how to go about it? Come speak with HTSF about your needs, we can make suggestions as to the best options to fit your budget and data needs.

Illumina Based Library Preps

Working materialA selection of standard library preparation services that are currently offered by the HTSF can be found in the below chart. Our Illumina based preparation have Illumina adapters and can therefore sequence on Illumina machines such as the NovaSeq. Many of these are high throughput and made using our robotics. HTSF has a lengthy list of non-standard libraries which are often manual production in smaller sample number sets. For more information on HTSF services, including pooling and platform recommendations for these library preps, please visit our Services tab (RNA Library Preparation and Sequencing and DNA Library Preparation and Sequencing).

Standard Illumina-based Library Preparation

Submitted Material Library Type Library Procedure




Kapa Hyper
Nextera XT prep
Thruplex DNA-seq
ChIP DNA ChIP Seq Thruplex DNA-seq
Total RNA mRNA Kapa Stranded mRNA
NUGEN mRNA stranded Libraries (from Blood Source)
Total RNA Kapa RNA – Ribo Erase
TruSeq Stranded RNA Ribo-Zero Gold (Human/Mouse/Rat)
NUGEN_ Ovation Total RNA depletion non stranded libraries (drosophila, blood, plant, microbe, or fetal blood)
NUGEN Ovation SOLO RNA seq (Human)
NUGEN Ovation SOLO RNA seq (Mouse)
Small RNA (miRNA) BioO Scientific NEXT Flex-v3
Total RNA (<100ng) mRNA SMARTer Ultra Low Input RNA + Nextera XT RNA
Total RNA TruSeq RNA Access
Whole Genomic DNA 16s Metagenomics 16s Metagenomics — HTSF primer set: V2 or V3 or V4 molecule tags
16S and ITS 16s Metagenomics and Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) libraries









Kapa Hyper
Kapa Hyper on the Mantis at 1/3 reagent
Nextera XT prep
Nextera Rapid Capture Exome
Nextera Flex
NUGEN Celero

Alternative Library Preparation Services

KristaIn addition to Illumina library preparation services, the HTSF works with other core for non-Illumina based libraries. A selection can be found in the below chart. More information on these services can be found in the Alternative Library Technologies subsection of the Technologies tab.

Alternative Library Preparation Services

Submitted Material Library Type Library Procedure
  • Extracted Total RNA
  • PAXgene RNA Blood tubes
  • Exosome
  • Plasma
  • Serum
  • Cell lines
  • FFPE tissue
  • Fresh Frozen Tissue
  • Buffy Coats


HTG EdgeSeq Library prep + Capture in the following assays (HTG is developing more uses):

  • miRNA Whole Transcriptome Assay (miRNA)
  • Oncology Biomarker Panel (OBP)
  • Immuno-Oncology Assay (Io)
  • PATH Panel (PATH)
  • Lymphoma Panel (Lymphoma)
Single Cell 10X Chromium Genomics:  Single Cell Single Cell 3’
10X Chromium Genomics:  ATAC Single Cell ATAC Seq

Custom Preparations

BiomekThe HTSF offers custom library preparations upon consult with HTSF management. We are happy to work with you on novel ideas for NGS and beyond. Please contact our customer service team to further discuss your custom library preparation needs or if you are interested in a new library preparation method that is not listed on our website. HTSF is constantly exploring and testing new library preps that come on the market. We will set up a zoom with the appropriate HTSF members.
Currently offered custom preparation services include:

Custom Library Preparation Services

Submitted Material Library Type Library Procedure
Total RNA Total RNAseq Total RNA with ribosomal depletion of non-Human/Mouse/Rat models
Whole Genomic DNA Custom Capture Nextera Rapid Capture Exome
KAPA Hyper DNA Prep using Lockdown probes from IDT (includes Capture + Standard HTSF probe set for whole Human Exome, 36 mega base Target)
RRBS Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing
DNA Methyl Seq MethylSeq / Epignome
DNA seq SureSelect V10

Oxford Nanopore and Bionano Library Preparation Services

The HTSF also offers both Oxford Nanopore and Bionano based libraries preparation services. Please contact the HTSF for information. And see more info on these service in the Technologies tab, Long Read Technologies.

Relevant Library Services Forms and Guides

HTSF Sample Preparation Requirement Guide
Approved Containers Information