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Services Completed in Collaboration with the Bioinformatics and Analytics and Research Collaborative

Bioinformatics staff

Bioinformatics forms an integral part of high throughput sequencing workflow. Bioinformatics and Analytics Research Collaborative (BARC) is a new research support group in UNC-School of Medicine. BARC now includes personnel who provide critical bioinformatics support for UNC-HTSF. We manage all data produced by UNC-HTSF starting with initial quality control through the final distribution. BARC personnel are available for advance consultation for researchers looking to get their samples sequenced at UNC-HTSF. BARC can also aid with downstream data analysis after the sequencing is complete.Bioinformatics staff Data analysis support is provided via a “fee for service” model for smaller projects. For large projects (both in terms of number of samples and duration) we can provide embedded and/or dedicated analysis and data management assistance.

For more information on BARC, please contact Dr. Corbin Jones at and Dr. Hemant Kelkar at