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Prospective students applying to the MSOT program must apply to and be accepted by both the UNC Graduate School and the MSOT program itself. Therefore, the UNC Graduate School will contact all applicants directly approximately 3-7 days following the submission of the OTCAS Application in order to get some other BRIEF information. Applicants must pay the UNC Graduate School application fee ($95) as well as the OTCAS fee.

Application Materials

All materials required by the UNC MSOT program are included in the OTCAS application. In addition to the information required for all schools in the OTCAS system, UNC MSOT admissions requirements include:

  • 7 academic prerequisite courses (do not all have to be completed at the time of application)
  • 1 prerequisite “Occupation” learning experience (does not have to be taken for a grade)
  • Submission of a resume or CV (Uploaded in the “Documents” section of Program Materials in OTCAS)
  • Submission of a reflective essay (400 word limit) related to the Occupation learning experience (The prompt for this is in the “Document” section of Program Materials in the OTCAS application.)
  • Response to 4 short answer questions
  • 3 letters of recommendation (1 must be from an OT or OTA practitioner)
  • Record of Experience with OT* (This also is in the “Documents” section of Program Materials in OTCAS.)


*EXPERIENCE WITH OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Each applicant is expected to have gained exposure to the profession of occupational therapy through clinical observations or shadowing (in person or by telehealth), site visits, attendance at OT conference sessions or workshops, or work/volunteer experiences specific to OT practice. The division does not require a specific number of observation hours; instead, the emphasis is on understanding the breadth of the profession and the different types of practice settings (medical, educational, community-based) and populations served (based on age, diagnosis, situation, etc.). Experiences in areas of human service that do not include occupational therapy are not to be included in this section, but are welcomed on the resume. Applicants should upload a chart that includes the following headings: Type of Experience, Location, Date(s), Practice Setting (for observation, paid or vol. work), Title (for webinars, etc.); Number of Hours, Supervisor or Presenter.