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Learn more about Qualtrics and Support

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a highly customizable web-based platform for creating survey interfaces and analyzing
online survey data. An option for email distribution is also included. The platform is available to
faculty, staff, and students at the UNC School of Medicine.

How can I make my own survey?

You may either learn Qualtrics through independent study (see overview guides and video tutorials
here) or request the development of a Qualtrics survey from School of Medicine IT.

How do I log into Qualtrics?

A new account can be created and additional information may be found through UNC Software Acquisition.

How many surveys may I have?

You may create as many surveys as you like with as many respondents as you like, but please
note, there are additional charges for SMS needs, and excessive email distribution requests.

Where can I get support?

Option 1: Consult Qualtrics Online Help Documentation.
Option 2: To contact Qualtrics Support by chat or email, use the “Help” option in the top right corner of every screen when logged into your Qualtrics account, or select “Contact Support” on the
Qualtrics website. Look for the option to “sign in with sso” and enter “unc” as the organization
ID. You will be routed to the UNC single sign on screen to enter your onyen and password.
Option 3: Telephone Qualtrics for assistance at 1-800-340-9194 from 9am to 8pm Eastern. Qualtrics will need your username, which is your UNC PID followed by #unc (e.g. 456345789#unc).
Your username is not your onyen.
Option 4: The Odum Institute for Research in Social Science offers consulting on a walk-in basis.
For hours and details see
Option 5: Contact School of Medicine IT.

Is Qualtrics integrated with Tableau?

Tableau users now have access to the Qualtrics connector. This feature allows you to connect
Tableau to Qualtrics
data directly and avoid having to download the data from Qualtrics to visualize them in Tableau. This requires a Tableau Creator license. For questions about cost and access to Tableau, please see the ITS Tableau page or consult School of Medicine IT.