This User Guide is a resource for School of Medicine site managers and editors – intended to provide instruction on basic and advanced editing in WordPress. Please keep in mind this resource will evolve and expand as we add more specific instructions to sections.

Some of the training links listed on this page go to the training site. is a UNC Chapel Hill licensed online video-training library that is available for FREE to UNC Faculty, Staff and Students. To access, you must first log in with your Onyen through the UNC Sign-In.

Basic Functions – Adding and Editing Content

 Web Standards & Policies

  • Logos/Branding
  • Page Style Guide
  • Color Palette
  • Guide to Internal & External Communications
  • Accessibility
  • Web Security Policy

 Getting Started

  • Request a School of Medicine website
  • Accessing your WordPress site
  • Using the WordPress Admin Panel
  • Navigating the admin panel
  • Using the WordPress toolbar


  • Posts vs. pages in WordPress
  • When to Use Pages
  • Creating Pages, etc.

 Styling Content

  • Formatting Content on Posts and Pages
  • Quick Shortcuts to Format Text


  • Inserting images, files, video

 Posts (News)

  • Understanding Posts
  • Posts vs. pages in WordPress
  • Creating a New Post
  • The Post Editor, etc.


  • Enable the Events Calendar Plugin
  • Create an event
  • Add an Event

RSS Feeds


  • Main campus’ documentation about primary navigation
  • User Friendly Navigation
  • Creating and Customizing Menus
  • Combining Custom Menus and Widgets
  • Building Left-hand Navigation

Site Customizations

Advanced Content and Site Management


  • Enable Gravity Forms plugin
  • Add a basic form
  • Create advanced fields for the contact form
  • Customizing form settings, etc.

Search Functionality

 Sharing & Permissions

  • User Roles
  • Add New Users


HTML Email / Newsletters