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Sound Stage Recording

The Instructional Media Services (IMS) sound stage, located in Medical School Wing B, provides a soundproof studio for your professional audio and video productions. The sound stage is equipped with cameras, mics, teleprompters, lighting, and various backdrops, including green screen, to handle multiple production set-ups.

Field/On-Location Recording

We have complete Electronic Field Production (EFP) capabilities for producing professional audio and multi-camera video recordings on campus and in nearby locations.

Virtual and 360º Production

IMS has a variety of green screens, 360º video cameras, spatial audio recording devices, and field experience to produce virtual and 360º productions that can be used to simulate locations and situations and provide immersive experience for viewers through extended reality. Learn more about this service on our Immersive Educational Technology home page.

Podcast Production

The IMS team can help you record professional quality audio for your podcasts, whether in our sound stage or on-location. They can also assist with logo creation, descriptions, and the distribution of your podcasts to your target audience.


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