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Current Officers:

Co-PresidentsHeather Swain, Zach SchrankDaniel O’Connell

Co-VPs of Student Research DayMaxwell Finkelstein, Chelsea Li, Nishita Sheth, Taylor Stack

Co-VPs of Research OpportunitiesYoshiko Iwai, James Hong, Benjamin Lau

Co-VPs of Advertising and OutreachKatherine Welch, Emily Kounlavong

Treasurer: Ricardo Crespo

Foundation Phase Representatives: Alex Pfeil, Priya Desai

Application Phase Representative: Margaret Anne Smith

Individualization Phase Representative: Wilson Fisher

LOA/PhD RepresentativeMatthew Sutcliffe

Please reach out to your class representative as your first point of contact for any JBG- or Student Research Day-related questions! 


Faculty Advisor & Liaison: Maria E. Díaz-González de Ferris, MD, MPH, PhD