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L to R: Student, Dr. Arun Kannappan, Courtney Busby, Dr. Boucher, Jennifer Dane, Jamiee Watts, Dr. Aaron Trimble, Emily Wong, Jennifer Pagel, Nicole Bingham, Dr. Scott Donaldson

The Raleigh Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has been presented with the Outstanding Partner Award by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF). The Outstanding Partner Award recognizes programs for supporting CFF and its mission in many ways. They include distributing information about the foundation to families of cystic fibrosis patients, assisting with fundraising and the securing of sponsorships, and encouraging staff and families to participate in CFF chapter events.

The Foundation instituted the awards in 2008. Recipients are chosen by the CF Foundation Center Committee from the care centers visited during the previous spring. Centers that receive the honor excel at meeting the following quality improvement performance standards:

  • Actively use clinical outcomes data to identify opportunities for improvement and document the results of improvement efforts
  • Align improvement efforts to result in measurable improvement in important clinical outcomes
  • Consistently and actively involve patients and families in identifying, designing or implementing improvement efforts
  • Employ innovative strategies to improve care processes and outcomes
  • Implement system changes that result in high reliability of care processes

“The Carolina’s Raleigh Chapter has great relationships with all of our care centers and affiliates throughout North Carolina. We are honored and humbled by the national recognition at the NACFC with the national award recognizing the Pediatric and Adult Centers at UNC with a highly coveted 2015 Outstanding Care Center Partnership Award. Congratulations to ALL for making this relationship a wonderful one that is centered around providing the care for people living with CF in NC in close partnership with the Carolina’s Raleigh Chapter”, Kay S. James, Executive Director.